Car Seat Canopies & Covers

Car Seat Canopies & Covers

Your newborn will stay safe and protected with a car seat canopy from Little Unicorn. Made with premium muslin, our car seat canopies protect your baby from chilly winds, the sun’s harmful rays, and even germs.

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Nobody likes having the sun in their eyes or feeling a chilly breeze on their skin. This is especially true for your baby. Luckily, Little Unicorn has car seat canopies that not only protect your baby from the wind and sun, but from germs as well.

Made with muslin fabric, a lightweight and airy car seat canopy will keep your baby covered without overheating. Our carseat canopies have been redesigned with a stretch band to fit snug around your car seat for a more secure fit that won’t budge. It also features a conveniently designed peek-a-boo window that features silent, magnetic closures. A carseat canopy makes traveling with a baby in a car seat more comfortable, fun, and stylish.

Disclaimer: Do not use in extreme temperatures. Do not leave babies unattended. Our canopies are to be used for privacy and protection from wind, sun rays, and germs.