Toddler Hooded Towels

Toddler Hooded Towels

We know how important it is to make bath time an enjoyable experience for your little one, our Toddler Hooded Towels are designed with your child's comfort in mind. Made with a premium blend of printed muslin on the outside and ultra-soft terry cloth on the inside, these towels are absorbent to help keep your child warm and dry. All our Toddler Hooded Towels feature a cozy hood and pockets for your little one's hands.

Make Bath Time Special With Our Toddler Hooded Towels

We believe bath time is more than just a daily routine; it's a special moment to bond with your child. Made with gentle and soft materials, make bath time a cherished moment by bundling up in Little Unicorn's Toddler Hooded Towels. Perfect for post-bath snuggles!

Featuring Original, Colorful Designs

Choose from a variety of exciting and colorful designs that your toddler will love. From floral patterns to dinosaurs, sharks, dogs, and mermaids, our designs will spark your child’s imagination and make bath time something to look forward to.  

Perfectly Sized Hoods and Hand Pockets

Every hood is lined with soft terry cloth and designed to fit the contour of your child’s head perfectly. With pockets made for small hands, your child can wrap themselves up in our hooded towels to provide extra warmth and comfort after bath time.

Gentle and Soft on Your Toddler's Delicate Skin

Every hooded towel is made with materials that won't irritate your little one's sensitive skin. Our Muslin fabric is breathable and gentle, while the terry cloth is soft and absorbent. Together these materials provide comfort for even the most delicate of skin.