How To Adventure With Kids

How To Adventure With Kids

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By Bethany Miller

The blooms are blossoming, the bees are buzzing, and Spring is finally here! (Zyrtec anyone?!) 

After a year of living through a pandemic, spending long hours outside isn’t anything new to anyone. Chances are you’ve spent more time outside in January than any other year and now have a much higher tolerance for freezing cold temps.

Now that we don’t have to be bundled by a fire or wear hand warmers at cocktail hour, it’s time to spend endless hours enjoying the warm sun and fresh air.

So what to do? We’re still in a pandemic and most families with kids are still playing it cautious. To come up with ideas, I think about my “adventures” as a kid. For me, it was playing make believe in my backyard or heading down to the local creek to wade in the cool water.

One of my favorite memories was going to the local outdoor amphitheater on a Sunday evening, bringing a picnic dinner, laying on a blanket and listening to music. To me — that was an adventure! Why? It was outside the norm of every day. Now that I’m a parent, I want to recreate those same memories for my own kids. 

Even if we have no major plans this summer — a picnic in the park, a camp out in the backyard, a day at the lake or beach — remember, these are adventures to our kids. It doesn’t matter where you go or how often you’ve been there. If you do something different or outside the norm — you will fill up your kids with love and sweet, sweet memories that may last their lifetime.

All you need is an outside spot, snacks (always snacks) and an outdoor blanket. :)

Earlier this Spring, we launched our third and largest outdoor blanket. (Size: 5x10!) We wanted to make it easy to bring a cozy space with you on your adventures — no matter how big or small. ;)

Here’s where we love taking them and what makes them convenient:



COMPACT - All 3 blankets fold very compact and fit in your stroller basket.

CARRY STRAP - Even if you’re carrying your baby with older kids in tow, the shoulder strap makes it easy to throw over your shoulder and forget. Plus, it’s so light, even an older sibling can feel helpful carrying it.

EASY CLEANUP - Snag those baby wipes and gently wipe the blanket of any food or drink spills!

COMFY - Our blankets are purposely made from material that repels water yet still feels soft. No more wet bums! The thickness provides comfort for babies who are scooting around, keeps the blanket in place and allows you to set your child down, even on the damp/cold ground, while keeping them comfortable.


SHAKE IT OFF - Sandy toes are welcome. With a quick shake or wipe, sand and dirt are gone.

BREEZE FRIENDLY - With multiple layers, a little bit of wind won’t blow your blanket onto your beach neighbor.

FOLD, ROLL AND GO - This blanket has fold lines that make it easy to quickly fold, roll and Velcro. Plus the carry strap is built in for over the shoulder ease. Who has time for anything cumbersome at the beach? Not us!

SPREAD OUT - With three sizes to choose from, you can find a fit for your small to large crowd, with plenty of room to spread out.



ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL - Depending on what your family likes to do outdoors, there is a perfect blanket for you.  The smallest blanket fits 1-3, the medium size fits 4-6, and the newest and largest fits 5-8. Whether you’re doing a small picnic, hanging out at a concert, or spending the day on the sidelines of a soccer tournament — there is a size that fits your needs.

TRUNK ESSENTIAL - Chairs, first aid kit and outdoor blanket. With these three items stashed in your trunk, you will be ready for anything. 




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