Soak It In

Soak It In

Our world is increasingly busy. Increasingly demanding and hectic. Our minutes and moments are stolen by screens and expectations.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. And yet, somehow, it often seems like others somehow are doing more and accomplishing more with their time, and we are left feeling like failures. We have people who need us, responsibilities to fulfill, and what can seem like an endless to do list that we are never caught up on. This can lead to us chasing after achieving and we end up in a space of burnout and being constantly busy. 

As we churn on that never-ending treadmill, our loved ones, our little ones, and our true selves are left to be content with the scraps of us.

As the days warm and blossoms bloom, I like to remind myself to turn towards the warmth of the sun and allow it to soften me.

It is a reminder of new beginnings and hope. I use this renewed energy to remind myself that people and connections are my why. When I do this, I can savor a fresh apple and cheese at the park while watching sand fall through my baby’s hand.

I can allow butterflies to overtake me on the swing with my four-year-old.

When I remind myself that these messy moments are here today but maybe not tomorrow, I can lie in the sun for an extra hour and embrace the unplanned nature of childhood.

This is a gentle reminder not to leave the scraps for those you value most.