Simple Parenting Hacks

Simple Parenting Hacks

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Ever do something over and over only to realize, there was a much easier way? Maybe it was through trial and error or from sound advice from an experienced mom. Regardless, discovering a parent hack is a real game changer and makes life a lot easier!

From cutting snacks with a pizza cutter to using a binky clip to help keep your eyes on the road, check out these easy parenting hacks from some of our very own experienced parents.

1. Wake up before your kids to give yourself a few minutes to yourself. This may seem obvious, but many moms (especially moms of young kids) need every bit of sleep. But, waking up before your kids gives you time to yourself and a chance to create a list or a simple intention for your day. And — a moment of silence!


2. Kids love crafts but we don’t love the cleanup. Use a Little U outdoor blanket inside for messy crafts to keep the mess contained. They’re easy to wipe and wash!


3. Trying to stay extra sanitary these days? When picnicking in the park, lay a Little U outdoor blanket on a picnic table as a table cloth. Again, just wipe up spills or quickly just throw it in the washer when you’re done. Having that barrier between your family and the table


4. Get a 3 pack swaddle set and break into individual swaddles to give for quick gifts. Add on a small book or toy and you’ve got a thoughtful gift for a new mom.


5. Fussy baby in the car? Always keep pacifiers on a pacifier clip in the car to avoid diving for them at stoplights.


6. Stop wasting time cutting up your baby’s food with a knife. Instead, use a pizza cutter to cut their food into bite size pieces.


7. Disinfect and clean plastic toys in the dishwasher.


8. Solo at the store with an overflowing cart? Think ahead and park near the cart return area at the grocery store to easily transfer kids into the car from your cart.


9. Giving toddlers medicine is not fun. Do yourself a favor and grab a can of whipped cream. Squirt a little bit in your child’s mouth before the medicine goes in, and a little more after. It makes it a more positive experience and doesn’t taste as bad!





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