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Why swaddle?

sleep soundly

Muslin is lightweight and breathable

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soft on baby's skin
multi-use and versatile
promotes safer sleep
lightweight and breathable

Super soft

My toddler still loves using his LU swaddles and requests them most nights. I recently purchased the rod and reel deluxe swaddle on clearance and compared to several other LU swaddles, prefer the rayon muslin/bamboo material over any other! These swaddles have held up after years of use. I love giving these as gits, knowing how soft, durable and adorable they are.

Deluxe Muslin Swaddle Blanket - Rod and Reel

Love it

This is my second round purchasing this blanket (different print) and this time I bought two. I used my last one with my third girl and it wore extremely well over time, so much so that I rarely used any other blanket! This blanket is just as soft and I’m looking forward to using it for just as long!

Deluxe Muslin Swaddle Blanket - White Anemone

Can't live without!

We use these as blankets in warmer weather (inside, outside, in the car), as a swaddle for nap/sleep time, and sometimes as cover for breastfeeding in public. I even bunch them to help better position him on my Boppy pillow when I’m breastfeeding. They feel so soft and wash (and clean) beautifully. Basically, they do it all! Get a few, you won't regret it!

Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket - Fern