Baby Sleep Sacks & Sleep Bags

Baby Sleep Sacks & Sleep Bags

Let’s be honest - A full night of sleep for you and your newborn is hard to come by. That is why we love the sleep bag.  Babies love feeling warm and nestled while sleeping in our baby sleep sacks. Made of soft yet durable cotton muslin, our Sleep Bags are like a wearable blanket that helps keep your baby warm and cozy with a reduced risk of overheating. They are designed with breathability, easy access, and proper sizing to ensure baby can sleep safely and cozy through the night.


Snug as a Bug in a Sleep Bag

One of the biggest challenges as a parent is teaching your little one to sleep through the night. Our soft and cozy Sleep Bags help your baby feel warm and snug without the added risk of using a blanket. These lightweight and breathable muslin cotton sleep sacks are  the ideal solution every night to help reduce overheating from bulky blankets and help with safer sleep. Muslin cotton is soft and gentle on your baby's delicate skin, making it an ideal choice for all-night wear.


Sleep Bags Make Late Nights a Little Easier

Little Unicorn aims to make those inconvenient little accidents as convenient as possible. With our two-way zipper, you can easily access your baby's diaper without the fuss of undoing the entire Sleep Bag. This means making those late-night wake-up calls a little easier. Not only are our Sleep Bags convenient and functional, but we also offer a variety of colors and designs to perfectly match your little one's personality or nursery theme.


Sleep Bags with Long-lasting Softness

We know how important it is to have a sleep sack you can rely on as your child grows. Little Unicorn offers various sizes to keep your sleep routine simple and seamless while navigating different growth stages. While some of our Sleep Bags are available with a quilted design, all sleep sacks are machine washable with long-lasting softness. Discover Little Unicorn's breathable and lightweight Sleep Bags, perfect for a good night's sleep.