Baby Quilts

Baby Quilts

Little Unicorn's Baby Quilts are super soft and perfect for snuggling, swaddling, or on the go. With your baby in mind, our multi-layer quilts are designed to be long-lasting, provide breathable warmth and are a tummytime and travel essential. Discover your baby's new favorite everyday quilt in a variety of original colors and designs.

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Soft, Premium Baby Quilts Made to Last

As a mom, there's nothing more important than ensuring your little one is comfortable and cozy. Little Unicorn's collection of Baby Quilts is an   excellent choice for parents. Both breathable and lightweight, our quilts are gentle on your baby's delicate skin and great for travel.

Making the Most Out of the Unexpected

At Little Unicorn, we know being a parent means always being busy; we try to make the most out of unexpected spills and messes by creating easy-to-clean Baby Quilts. There's no need to worry if your little one is teething or spits up; our muslin Baby Quilts are incredibly soft and absorbent, making them an ideal go-to quilt.

Breathable, High-Quality Baby Quilts

We offer the highest quality comfort for your baby. Our quilts are designed to be stylish, soft, and functional. Complement your nursery with a variety of colors and designs made with premium, fabrics. We know a Baby Quilt needs to last; that's why our muslin quilts use an over-under weave to make them more resilient to frequent use and washing. Discover why parents chose Little Unicorn's Baby Quilts!