Post-Pregnancy Workouts for New Mommas

Post-Pregnancy Workouts for
New Mommas

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Congratulations Momma! You’re a champ!  You and your body have accomplished one of the most incredible feats of nature–creating a human! Take some time to celebrate the accomplishment. Love yourself and the incredible body you’ve been given.  Relish the moments you have with that squishy newborn bundle of love. The moments are fleeting and you deserve to enjoy them.

When you feel ready, we’ve prepared a few workouts you can do to help refill the endorphins tank and get that body of yours moving. After all, you deserve some much needed YOU time.

Look below to find a workout crafted just for you by our friends at iFit®


Post-Pregnancy Treadmill Workout: Walk and Jog

By: Mari Dettamanti

We know that it can be intimidating to get back in stride, so we created this workout with you in mind! Join us for a challenging, but gentle, introduction back into jogging. With a mix of walking and jogging, you’ll be sweating and feeling great in no time!


Post-Pregnancy Elliptical Workout: Intervals

By: Becca Capell

If you’re looking for a low-impact, high-calorie-burn workout, you’ve come to the right place. Say hello to the elliptical: the happy blend between the bike and the treadmill. If your post-baby body isn’t quite ready to be jumping and sprinting, the elliptical is a great tool to work your heart, muscles, and lungs, all in one place.


Post-Pregnancy Treadmill Workout: Hills

By: Mari Dettamanti

Treadmills have a bad reputation for being high impact, which can be intimidating when your body has had so many recent changes. No need to fear! During this workout, we’ll keep the speeds low and the inclines moderate.

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