Our Favorite Fall Traditions

Our Favorite Fall Traditions

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Ah, yes—Fall. The season of crisp apples, changing leaves, and gorgeous blue skies! It’s the perfect time to make cozy memories with your growing family. Exploring pumpkin patches, baking tasty treats and drinking your fair share of delicious apple cider are just a few ways to celebrate the season.

We asked our Little U family to share some of their favorite fall traditions. Here’s a chance to get to know our staff and discover new traditions to do with your family.



Madison Nash

The beginning of fall isn’t complete without themed pancakes! We love making lots of batter and the kids choosing the design. Monsters are always a crowd fave!

One dollar window clings are every parents’ best friend at the beginning of a season! We always buy a bunch and let the kids go nuts decorating the windows and doors!

Picking fruit from our trees and making jam is a fall favorite! It gets the kids excited about growing and making their own food and we look forward to it each fall season.

Give the recipe a try - Instant Pot Plum Jam

We love taking our kids to Fall Festivals every autumn. Nashville, TN holds the winning festival in our hearts full of pigs racing for Oreos, 4-wheeler cow rides and pumpkins! 



Allie Watterson

Every year since I was a little girl we have gone to the Pumpkin Walk which is a local October event that has displays and scenes crafted from painted pumpkins.  Now that I have my own little boy, I take him and he loves it! This is a photo of him at a photo op station. Where the Wild Things Are is his favorite book. 

Every year we make sure to go up the mountains and enjoy the fall leaves. Last year we drove ATVs up to the top of a beautiful colorful mountain range. 


I love to support local farmers, so every year I get my pumpkins from a local pumpkin patch. Plus it’s always a great photo op. Wink.



Jaxon Call   

We make caramel apples for our fall tradition!



Robin Ficklin

We always take fun pictures in the leaves. Just to document the changing of the seasons. Growing up in Vegas, we never had that so it is so much fun to my kids.


We always visit the cider mills and pumpkin patches. Nothing says fall like that to me. 

Passover is also a Fall celebration. We have a sedar ( dinner) and celebrate the holiday with family and friends. 

I always have a fall baking day. As the grandchildren get older, they come to help.




Bethany Miller 

Our favorite fall tradition is going to our favorite orchard's Fall Festival. We love playing in the hay, winding our way through the mazes and making caramel apples. My boys' favorite part is getting apple cider and searching for their own pumpkins. Simple and fun! 



Jon Ward

Nothing says fall to me more than crisp hikes through the mountains, surrounded by the festive hues of the season!

Drinking Zollinger’s Apple Cider.  I’ve never found an equal to it! If you’re ever in Logan, Utah in the fall, try some!  You’ll be glad you did. 

It’s hard to imagine fall without a little sweat behind the neck, a big pile of leaves, and kids reeking havoc in gleeful bliss. 





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